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  • A Must Read for Book Junkies

    Some women have a shoe problem. Some men have a sports watching problem. I have a book reading problem. When I wake up in the morning headphones are playing an Audible audiobook. Before I go to bed the headphones are back on getting some nuggets. I don’t Google words anymore.  I buy the books with [...]

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  • Biggest Website Usability Mistakes Companies Make

     Are you looking to create or redesign your website? Do you have a new product or service that you are trying to offer? Before you contact a web designer or programmer one of the best decisions you can make is to have a conversation with a Website User Experience professional.  This is different than a [...]

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  • Next Gen Presentation Skill Sets

    There is a difference between storytelling and problem solving. Storytellers use a rehearsed message sometimes equipped with a slide deck in order to influence, persuade, or promote good will with participants. Problem solvers prepare with visuals, quotes, and parables that can be inserted into a presentation at any moment to solve specific needs of participants. [...]

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  • Building Relationships is about the GIVING, not the receiving

    One of my favorite lines from prosperity coach Randy Gage is, “You cannot out give the universe” and but sometimes we don’t try enough. We don’t give enough, either of ourselves, or to one another. Today I delivered a program to the Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce around a widely missed phenomenon of how to [...]

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  • Writing Learning Objectives

    I recently spoke with a client of mine who is head of professional development of the real estate commission in her state and primary role is to approve or disapprove continuing education courses.   Each year she must stamp an estimated 1000 courses per year for approval or send them back for revisions.  If you [...]

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  • What Realtors, Brokers and Associations Want in 2014

    In the movie Jerry Maguire, Jerry had told his only client at the time, “Help me help you!”, he genuinely wanted to know what he could do to make sure his client was happy to meet his expectations. This week I sent out a message to my community to find out what wanted in 2014. [...]

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