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Organizations bring in Doug Devitre to improve sales, productivity, and the customer experience.

  • Sales

    Increase sales opportunities and conversions by using the right technology to connect with customers beyond geographic constraints.

  • Productivity

    End more meetings with faster decisions. Develop technical skills with the best apps so you can work from anywhere.

  • Customer Experience

    Happy customers buy more and refer friends. Increase conversions by fine tuning the cross channel customer value chain.

Who We Help

It doesn't matter if you are a C-Suite executive or bootstrapped entrepreneur, we recommend right-sized solutions with customized process.

Someone asked me what is included in the real estate technology stack and this came to mind #realtors #realestate
I’m doing my first 70.3 in PCB 5/11/19. When I think about what it takes to put together a race like this, several…
Superheroes skate today at Kiener Plaza today was so much fun.

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