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Weak Call to Actions Equal Weak Results

Don't share this if you are a real estate broker in your own market cause it can hurt your market share. I spent some time reviewing the top, the creme of the crop, real estate brokers who think they have it down to the last drop to find out their lead generation isn't as good as it could be. In other words they have.. MORE

Purpose of a Video

What is the purpose of a video? Many would say they want to share information however they are missing the point. Watch this video, share it with others and make a comment below. As a result you will be able to: Increase the number of video views Increase the attention span of viewers.. MORE

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Broker Recruiting Like No One Else is Doing

Having discussions with some of the top real estate brokers what I'm finding is the number one thing that's on their mind right now is how to recruit, how to recruit, how to recruit. And I'm finding also that many of them are apathetic to the situation especially when it comes to leveraging their time, leveraging.. MORE