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Eight Ways to Geek Out for Your Wedding

Allison and I are having our wedding next weekend during Fair St. Louis.  Bonnie Raitt will be playing after our reception, a spectacular fireworks session is scheduled, and have many more activities for our guests to participate in. In order to create the ultimate guest experience I'm applying my marketing and.. MORE

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Auctioneers Helping Auctioneers

In preparation to speak for the National Auctioneers Association, I met with one the board members, Rob Weiman to get some background on the group so I could tailor my talk to meet their specific needs.  My program is for the Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI) education track, the industry designation for the top.. MORE

Are You Overwhelmed? It’s Your Own Fault

Have you ever said to yourself… If I only had more hours in the day. If I only had someone to do all this for me. I need more technology so I can keep up. Let me be the first to tell you don’t need more hours in the day, someone to help you with all the tactics or invest in more technology.  There is no.. MORE

Why Members Don’t See Value

Members don't pay for services or products. They pay for value. Communication involves two parties, the speaker and the listener. If you can't communicate the value then no value exists. Let's start with value... Problems with most value propositions: Propositions posted to a website infer the member.. MORE