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Webinars That Make You Want Your Money Back

My pal Roger Courville is right. Most webinars do SUCK. And now, you can't go online, open an email, or scroll the social newsfeed without one happening every single minute. This is a problem for both institutions and learners. Institutions struggling with relevancy, attendance, and participation have.. MORE

Next Gen Presentation Skill Sets

There is a difference between storytelling and problem solving. Storytellers use a rehearsed message sometimes equipped with a slide deck in order to influence, persuade, or promote good will with participants. Problem solvers prepare with visuals, quotes, and parables that can be inserted into a presentation at.. MORE

Writing Learning Objectives

I recently spoke with a client of mine who is head of professional development of the real estate commission in her state and primary role is to approve or disapprove continuing education courses.   Each year she must stamp an estimated 1000 courses per year for approval or send them back for revisions.  If.. MORE

Adapting to the Digital Kinesthetic Learner

"I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand." Confucius The problem I see in most training or professional development is that instructors rely mostly on the see and hear and not enough on the do. Every student carries a digital device. The question is, Can the instructor leverage digital devices to.. MORE

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Why Training Doesn’t Solve Performance Problems

Training always comes first to mind as a solution to fix a problem. What executives don't realize is that training employees on "how to do something" is the last thing to do especially if there are more important problems to address first. Furthermore, questions must be answered to determine if training is the best.. MORE