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Extemporaneous Strategy Visuals

A picture is worth 1000 words. A good strategy visual will save a million. Stop making long reports that people don't read. Stop enabling conversations that repeat themselves. And learn to express yourself by creating more powerful visuals that others can quickly relate.  Here are a few that I quickly.. MORE

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Biggest Website Usability Mistakes Companies Make

 Are you looking to create or redesign your website? Do you have a new product or service that you are trying to offer? Before you contact a web designer or programmer one of the best decisions you can make is to have a conversation with a Website User Experience professional.  This is different than a designer.. MORE

Writing Learning Objectives

I recently spoke with a client of mine who is head of professional development of the real estate commission in her state and primary role is to approve or disapprove continuing education courses.   Each year she must stamp an estimated 1000 courses per year for approval or send them back for revisions.  If.. MORE

Adoption Rate Competition

Companies, organizations, and associations are not just competing for revenue, but whether or not or how much one of their customers take action on the value provided. The metric behind this is called "Adoption Rate of Services."  In other words if the organization has 500 amount of customers and offered service.. MORE

Who Pays for Advocacy

In a world where the good prevent the bad and poorly constructed decisions are made by others around our influence, the question that is on the top of most in association and organizational management is... "Who pays for advocacy?" Let's pretend there were no philanthropic organizations aimed at serving special.. MORE

Positive Addictions

When you think of the word addiction does sound of negativity or can be a positive in your life? In William Glasser's book, Positive Addictions he outlines that we can form habits around the most meaningful aspects of our life by changing the way you think about daily activities. The most common addictions that come.. MORE

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Deceptive Statistics

In attempts to persuade, cajole, or influence marketers will use statistics to make you believe something which couldn't be further from the truth. Some examples include: Our company is #1. Our site has XXX,XXX visitors per month. Those that possess XYZ credential earn more than those who do not have.. MORE

Daily App Assignments for Over Achievers

Do you wish you could keep track of your vitals when it comes to tracking your brain performance, fitness goals, and health regimen? Instead of having to remember everything in a paper journal, you can measure the metrics all from your mobile devices and make adjustments to your daily routine as necessary. Check.. MORE