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Dues Renewal by Implied Coercion

Membership in a professional society, trade association or organization is voluntary. However, when asked what is the number #1 reason why a real estate professional joins their REALTOR Association the most frequent replies include: Participation in the MLS Required by their broker's policy and procedures.. MORE

Radiant vs. Radical Thinking

The three most important questions you can ask are how, what, and why. But simply asking why are we doing something is simply the start and isn't enough to develop an action plan. How you conceptualize and idea and put it through the meat grinder of a critical thinking process,  challenge the status quo using.. MORE

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Your Buts Stink

One takeaway from the National Speakers Association conference this year was by motivational speaker Walter Bond.  I was truly impressed by this content and delivery.  His book All Buts Stink! How to Live Your Best Life and Eliminate Excuses is more than just a clever title, it is about his journey on how he.. MORE

Move from Competitive to Distinctive

I had a great conversation yesterday with a leader for an organization who is trying to figure out what makes them different from anyone else.  Their existing value propositions consists of professional development opportunities, a database you can search from to find referrals, and networking opportunities to.. MORE

Compliance vs. Commitment

Have you ever heard someone say... "Our members say they want one thing and then do another." "We can't make important decisions because meetings keep getting postponed." "We need to change, but the leadership isn't listening." "No one is acknowledging our feedback." "That is a whole different department.. MORE

Process for Considering Apps

Everyone is an expert using their own apps.  The problem with quickly downloading every app recommended by someone else is that now have a solution looking for a problem rather than a problem looking for a solution. Use this process to find out how to go about selecting an app before you start downloading.. MORE