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Extemporaneous Strategy Visuals

A picture is worth 1000 words. A good strategy visual will save a million. Stop making long reports that people don't read. Stop enabling conversations that repeat themselves. And learn to express yourself by creating more powerful visuals that others can quickly relate.  Here are a few that I quickly.. MORE

Disruptive Change

One decision can cause your entire life to change. Sometimes they are under your control. For others, they are not. In July 2013, I asked Allison to marry me.  She said yes. In July 2014, we had our wedding.  She still said yes. In March 2015, we will have our first child.  Name and gender TBD. My entire life.. MORE

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How NOT to Work With a Consultant

Anyone can put the position "Consultant" on their business card just like anyone can say they are a speaker, an accountant or a home inspector.  The truth is that there are more bad consultants out there than good ones just like there are few competent REALTORS in each market who truly understand the.. MORE

A Solution Looking for a Problem

Have you ever walked through an expo hall and asked yourself when am I going to find time to implement all of this? The problem is that us as customers discover a solution and then create problems it might solve rather than trying to solve existing problems using what we already have. Even if you tried to implement.. MORE

Radiant vs. Radical Thinking

The three most important questions you can ask are how, what, and why. But simply asking why are we doing something is simply the start and isn't enough to develop an action plan. How you conceptualize and idea and put it through the meat grinder of a critical thinking process,  challenge the status quo using.. MORE