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Why You Shouldn’t Use

I used to think that would make my life easier.  But then after using it I've realized that it has actually made my life more difficult. Here is what I've discovered... There is no excuse for not showing up on time. Can't blame a delay on meeting software because it made me download a program or.. MORE

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Definitions of Collaboration

I think the most understood word right now in the English language is the word collaboration.   Here are some examples of how I've seen it used. We collaborated on ideas together by shouting out what's on our mind during a meeting. We collaborated by sharing a comment on a Facebook page. We.. MORE

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A Must Read for Book Junkies

Some women have a shoe problem. Some men have a sports watching problem. I have a book reading problem. When I wake up in the morning headphones are playing an Audible audiobook. Before I go to bed the headphones are back on getting some nuggets. I don't Google words anymore.  I buy the books with the.. MORE

Positive Addictions

When you think of the word addiction does sound of negativity or can be a positive in your life? In William Glasser's book, Positive Addictions he outlines that we can form habits around the most meaningful aspects of our life by changing the way you think about daily activities. The most common addictions that come.. MORE

A Solution Looking for a Problem

Have you ever walked through an expo hall and asked yourself when am I going to find time to implement all of this? The problem is that us as customers discover a solution and then create problems it might solve rather than trying to solve existing problems using what we already have. Even if you tried to implement.. MORE