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Why Social Media is Not Sales

Have you had enough of social media already? I mean you have tried everything and aren't seeing the results that everyone keeps talking about.  You created a Linkedin account, a Facebook Page, and now trying Instagram wondering where you are going to find time to complete all your tasks. Don't worry.  It's time to.. MORE

Sponsorship Return on Investment

Is it possible to show sponsorship ROI? Companies might be quick to write the check to sponsor your next event however most are horrible at maximizing their investment and then blame the organization for not doing their part.  But really... Whose fault is it if sponsors don't get the return they expect? In my.. MORE

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Social Media Simplified

In a conversation with some agents from Ottawa Ontario I explained some simple ideas behind how buyers agents can use social media to grow their business. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the hype, latest tactics, and updates to each of the platforms.  If you need to rethink your strategy or just need to be.. MORE

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Prescriptive vs. Diagnostic Sales Presentations

Are you converting sales appointments or are you turning them away? When you bring out a laptop and say, "Let me show you my PowerPoint presentations", do your customers think to themselves, "Here we go again!" You can alleviate customer's pain, demonstrate your service/solution in a unique way, and add value to.. MORE