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Extemporaneous Strategy Visuals

A picture is worth 1000 words. A good strategy visual will save a million. Stop making long reports that people don't read. Stop enabling conversations that repeat themselves. And learn to express yourself by creating more powerful visuals that others can quickly relate.  Here are a few that I quickly.. MORE

Disruptive Change

One decision can cause your entire life to change. Sometimes they are under your control. For others, they are not. In July 2013, I asked Allison to marry me.  She said yes. In July 2014, we had our wedding.  She still said yes. In March 2015, we will have our first child.  Name and gender TBD. My entire life.. MORE

Adoption Rate Competition

Companies, organizations, and associations are not just competing for revenue, but whether or not or how much one of their customers take action on the value provided. The metric behind this is called "Adoption Rate of Services."  In other words if the organization has 500 amount of customers and offered service.. MORE

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Tactics Don’t Belong in Strategic Conversations

There are two types of people. #1 Strategic thinkers #2 Tactical implementers See the chart to see the differences in how they think, what they say, and how they measure progress. To have a successful organization you need the best of both. Unfortunately tactical implementers can throw off strategic.. MORE

Grey Areas for Agent Services

There are at least 50 shades of grey when it comes to whether an association or the broker be the source of offering services to real estate professionals.  The lines are blurred as to whom should be responsible for offering the service, whether it crosses over into competition amongst each other, or each should have.. MORE

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Models of Misattunement

If you place two pianos in the same room and strike the a key in one piano the string in the other piano will begin to vibrate.  This is called sympathetic resonance. If one string is not tuned to perfection in one piano then the other piano will produce the same off tune. A HUGE problem in the real estate.. MORE