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On Validating Feedback

Feedback comes in from all angles from multiple spheres and in many shapes.  How close your organization's radius from the center of core values to the edge of the consumers' perception all depends on how you create and manage expectations.  You can decrease the customer service response time to resolving a valid.. MORE

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What is Strategic Altering?

At some point leaders within companies, associations, and entrepreneurs have engaged in some sort of strategic planning. Here are some problems with strategic planning. Many ideas are thrown up on a wall, agreed upon, and then go back to business as usual. There is no accountability to make sure who does what,.. MORE

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Weak Call to Actions Equal Weak Results

Don't share this if you are a real estate broker in your own market cause it can hurt your market share. I spent some time reviewing the top, the creme of the crop, real estate brokers who think they have it down to the last drop to find out their lead generation isn't as good as it could be. In other words they have.. MORE

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True Cost From Low Adoption Rate of Services

How many different services/benefits/ or offers of value do you provide for your customers? What is the adoption rate of each of the services you provide? Is the adoption rate a fair representation based on the ROI you wish to achieve from each initiative? What is a fair adoption rate to receive from each.. MORE