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Why Social Media is Not Sales

Have you had enough of social media already? I mean you have tried everything and aren't seeing the results that everyone keeps talking about.  You created a Linkedin account, a Facebook Page, and now trying Instagram wondering where you are going to find time to complete all your tasks. Don't worry.  It's time to.. MORE

Best Technology Tools to Create Process

The napkin you just created your strategy might get spilled on, tossed on the bottomless pile, or lost forever. Benefits of creating a digital format of process: Easier to read notes. Straighter lines eliminate ambiguity of how shapes are connected together. Easier to share notes in a digital.. MORE

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Improving the Image

Need to rebrand? It doesn't have to cost you an arm or a leg like you might think or take months to make it happen. If you have a new marketing campaign and time is of the essence to launch then implementing with a project management system like Basecamp will make sure you hit your deadlines while working with.. MORE

The Fastest Way to Learn Google Wave

Early adopters  RAVE over the new Google Wave but the reality is that most real estate professionals won't start 'waving' until sometime  next year or even 2011. Currently, both parties must have Google Wave to have a conversation. However they are working on adapting the protocol for a wider audience. Right now.. MORE