PowerPoint can be a salesperson’s best friend during a presentation.  How the PowerPoint is constructed, rehearsed and delivered can make an immediate impact on the client’s perception of your knowledge and skill as a real estate professional.  There are several different types of PowerPoint presentations that can be created that should be used for different types of clients and different times during the presentation.  Furthermore, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles must be considered and during delivering and production.  These enable salespeople to demonstrate their knowledge so that prospects may internalize advanced concepts and processes prior to signing a representation agreement.

Here are some examples of real estate professional PowerPoint presentations:

  1. Listing.  The listing presentation should focus on marketing, pricing, and why they should select you as the agent to sell their home.  Add slides, that discuss the process from the initial meeting to listing contract to marketing to contract to closing.  Try to incorporate slides that determine what determines market value, pricing effect on showings, and time on the market.  Produce slides that demonstrate each of the services that you provide with pictures, examples, and videos of homes that you have sold.  Demonstrate your experience working with sold listings, market success rate, list to sold price ratio, and average days on market.
  2. Buyer.  The buyer presentation allows the prospect to see all of the services that you provide, details of the process, cost vs. value of upgrades and testimonials from previous clients.   A buyer’s agent provides many services that are specific to a niche, area of town or can be adjust to meet a client’s specific need.  Use tables, charts, and visuals to reveal market data that makes sense. First time buyers will appreciate the explanation of the process. 

Determine your niche to properly construct a powerful PowerPoint presentation that enhances meaning behind your ability to get the job done in the time frame that meets your client’s needs.  Hire someone to produce your PowerPoint if you do not have the time, ability, or resources.  Look for more posts on this topic to come soon.


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