I have found 100 friends in 48 hours.  I could not have done that by picking up the telephone, sending out emails, or asking where these people are and what they have been doing.  These long lost acquaintances range from close relationships to casual contacts.  I can now reconnect with them by finding out more information now than I could have 10 years ago with Facebook.  I love Facebook because we can see more about a person that we would have the time to ask them the questions to find out this information.  When we do see our friends we can have discussions about past events without asking the question, “so, what have you been up to”.

In order to find long lost friends here is what I recommend:

  1. Searched high school classmates. Every profile has a space to add where you went to high school and what year you graduated.  Then search your for your graduating classmates by year and find your friends. Once you have added them as a friend, then you can see their friends.  If you are friends with their friends then add them to.  This will be good for those who are trying to plan their reunion.
  2. Searched college classmates. Same process as high school.  Also, you can search by network as the colleges and universites have their school as a network. ,
  3. Find friends of friends. Take a look at each of your friends’ profiles.  Each one of them will have 10 to 200 friends on average.  Once you see your friends on other friends profiles then add them to your network.  It is always a good idea to add a personal message if has been a while.
  4. Search by employer. Each person can add their employer in their personal profile that can be listed as a searchable field.  If you worked with a close group of associates and they are still working there you can find and add lost co-workers on your Facebook profile.
  5. Search by name. Not sure if your friend is on Facebook?  On the left hand side of the screen there is a search toolbar which will let you search by name.  If there are multiple names that are matches, add the city of where your friend lives to save you more time.

If you have a dear friend that does not have a Facebook account then there is an option to invite a friend to join Facebook and create an account.  The more friends you have the more contacts you can make and the more doors will open in your personal and professional life.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre from St. Louis, Missouri USA when they want to dramatically increase operational performance, create breakthrough value propositions, and serve customers beyond geographical constraints on a minimal budget. For more than a decade he has been setting trends with how organizations engage customers with social media, video marketing, and custom-built software applications. Doug’s book Screen to Screen Selling published by McGraw Hill pioneered the way sales professionals sold homes without being physically present before the COVID-19 pandemic. He is one of a select few who have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association and has experience as a REALTOR.

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