Wow!  What an amazing trip.  I have never had so much fun teaching before.  I don’t know if it was because the venues were perfect, the hotels were just right, or it was the rain but everything turned out awesome.  My trip day teaching trip first started out in Pierre, South Dakota.  I flew into Sioux Falls where I picked up my rental car and met my client Michelle, who gave me a tour of the Falls.  The day was so beautiful with clear skies and no rain.  It was just great being outside and enjoying the weather for once.

Afterward, I drove 3.5 hours to Pierre where I was to prepare a two day Instructor Development Workshop for the South Dakota Real Estate Commission.  The group was great, asked a lot of good questions and was inspired to take action from some of the technical and not so technical concepts of how to use PowerPoint effectively in their presentations.

On Tuesday I covered the “Creative Communication Beyond the Classroom” 4 hour course which included online social networking, blogging, Google Docs, RSS, and YouTube.  You could see the wheels turning in everyones’ heads during the demonstrations and the discussion prompted during the breaks.

After that session I headed back to Sioux Falls to give my last presentation.  The Education Director – Michelle – had given her members a survey a few months back to see what they wanted to learn about technology.  The results came back website and email marketing.  I customized the presentation from existing courses I had to give them something they had never seen before with an extra  punch.  WOW!

It was like magic.  Everyone laughed at my jokes, people were writing notes furiously, and not afraid of asking questions – an instructor’s dream!  I thought to myself… is this just the nicest group ever or have I finally reached a point where I was able to truly connect with an audience.

Thank you to Karen Callahan of the South Dakota Real Estate Commission and Michelle Ahrens of the REALTOR Association of the Sioux Empire for making this trip possible.  I was very thankful for the opportunity to share my knowledge with you and your members.

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