Potential PowerPoint Problems

Potential PowerPoint Problems

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If you rely on technology as the solution to your entire PowerPoint presentation then you will eventually have problems.  When it works right you look like a star.  In a perfect world all the slides transition correctly, video and music plays perfectly, and there are no interruptions from the flow of the presentation.

When it doesn’t work then what?  There is nothing more frustrating than trying to teach a class and your PowerPoint does not work or the other technology fails miserably.  Your credibility just went down the toilet no matter what the subject may be.  I had so many problems one time that the people in my audience felt sorry for me, fell asleep, or gave poor evaluations not because of the content but the technology failure disturbed the learning process.

Here are some of the problems you may experience while delivering or setting up to give a PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Computer freezes and must restart computer to continue
  2. Little warning pops up that says system error during presentation
  3. Anti-virus program starts running during presentation
  4. Windows asks to download latest updates during presentation
  5. The clicker won’t advance the slides
  6. The laser in the clicker will not work
  7. The batteries in the clicker are not charged
  8. No projector
  9. No projector screen
  10. The projector screen is not big enough
  11. The wireless card for your internet will not work
  12. Missing VGA cord to connect laptop to projector
  13. Missing power cord for the projector
  14. There is no extension cord for the power strip
  15. The lighting is poor to display the PowerPoint
  16. Forgot laptop charger at home and out of power
  17. Forgot your clicker
  18. Forgot the cord that hooks up your speakers from your laptop
  19. Forgot external speakers

Here are my recommendations to eliminate the above issues, make yourself look like a champ and win over your audience:

1.      Be prepared to give presentation without PowerPoint.

2.      Have paper copies of slides with you when you teach.

3.      Carry your presentation checklist with you wherever you go to make sure you have everything you need?

4.      Give sponsor a presentation checklist for items they are responsible for and bring this signed copy to the venue.

5.      Download movie files to hard drive instead of relying on internet

6.      Take screen shots of important websites students will visit

7.      Turn your anti-virus update to 3 a.m. instead of 10 a.m.  Chances are you will still be asleep at 3 a.m.

8.      Do a dry run prior to the day of without any interruptions from pop ups or warnings

9.      Charge everything the night before.

10.  Bring extra batteries