Are people aware that you are in the business or do people insist on your brand?  I heard this from Nido Quebin and thought to myself… wow, I have been missing this mark.

Marketing is so much about letting people know what you do and how you do it but it never did occur to me that just marketing did not make people insist on your brand.  The more I thought about this I finally figured it out.  The only way people will insist on your brand is if they have tried it before.  The brand was soooo good that you had to come back for more.

Do our past clients demand for more?

Do our clients rave about what we do?

Do your clients insist on your brand?
Do your clients insist on your brand?

If not, then we have a serious problem.  You see the only way we can grow a business is if more people know about what we do and have good things to say about the experience they had.

I think the only place that we can make mistakes is in practice, not in the field.  If we make mistakes in practice we can correct, redrill, and prevent from making the same mistake twice.  Clients will not let you make mistakes twice.  Clients will not let you forget the mistakes that you made.  Clients have so much to do with your future success it is crucial to understand that we must be 100% on target when we enter into the arena.

Insistence is the demand, requirement, or necessity of an individual.  Whatever it is that you are selling if people do not insist on what you sell or insist others to try it then action to say yes does not exist.

People are willing to pay a higher price for those things that they insist upon.

People are willing to make sacrifices for things that they insist upon.

People are willing to break the rules for things that they insist upon.

What is it that you have that people will be willing to do whatever it takes to get what you have?

Think about it and make a comment to this post.


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