Okay so you are on LinkedIn. Now what?  One feature using LinkedIn as a online social networking tool is Groups.  Groups on social networks are a great way to:

  • Separate communication from the masses
  • Address hot topics
  • Keep information secure only to group members

Associations, organizations, or niche markets can create a group on LinkedIn and share their information to those who are members exclusively.  Online social networks are as only as good as the people who participate, share, and contribute on a consistent basis.

Albuquerque Association of Realtors

Promote your group on LinkedIn

  • Large logo. Use an image or logo that represents your group. Image must be 100 x 50 pixels and be a .png, .jpeg. or .gif file format. This image will identify the group on the main group page.
  • Small logo. This image must be 60 x 30 pixels and also be in similar file format state above. This logo will appear at the bottom of every member’s personal profile.
  • Group name. Select a group name that clearly demonstrates the brand or mission statement. Use the current name of your organization or specify a name within the current organization for further classification.
  • Group type. Choosing a group type is important because of how it will appear in the search.
  • Summary. Type the mission statement, vision statement or what the group is trying to accomplish. Motivate others to join, participate, and share in regular discussions.
  • Full description. Engage members by inserting rules for participation, how discussions will be handled, and why makes the group unique from all the rest.
  • Website. The website should include the full URL. For example:
  • Group admin email. The person who creates the group is in charge of administering all of the groups activities.
  • Group visibility. Allow the public to find your group in the search or let each individual post the small logo onto their personal profile. Both are good ideas for those groups who are trying to advertise membership. Private groups will want to disable this feature.
  • Location. Groups can be organized into international, national, state, and by zip code if within the United States.

How to participate in LinkedIn groups

  • Discussions. Choose hot topics and ask for feedback within the group. If the discussion is in the form of a question, is authentic, and not a form of self promotion, then more will be willing to comment based on their own experiences.
  • Updates. Updates include discussions and comments for the group. It is a quick way to see what people are talking about.
  • Members. Search the entire group roster to see who you know and ask to join their network. Also, you can access their profile and send them a message directly.
  • Settings. Choose whether you want the logo to appear on the profile, receive a daily email on group updates, or allow members to send you messages.

Stay tuned for more posts on LinkedIn groups.


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