If you ever have wanted to be a graphic designer and hadn’t the money to make flyers, posters, or graphics than now is your chance. This is another one of those FREE, cheap and easy solutions that will make you look like a pro without breaking the bank.

Tools you will need:

  • Microsoft Office – any version will work, $99 or less
  • Snag it – www.SnagIt.com, $49 or less

Here are the steps:

Design the image. Open up a new blank slide on Microsoft PowerPoint and start your creation. Insert images that take up the entire screen. Find royalty free images at www.CrystalGraphics.com or take your own high quality images using your digital camera. Insert logos, text boxes, shapes and diagrams to add some content. Next open Snag It and use the capture by region to select the entire slide so that it appears in the Snag It editor. Resize the image for your use: larger images for PDF flyers and posters and smaller images for blog entries, or web design. Save image as PDF, .gif, or .jpeg.

Make the flyer. 8.5″ by 11″ flyers can be created in Microsoft Word but I like the templates of Microsoft PowerPoint better. PowerPoint templates have more energy and can be customized easier. Find templates at www.CrystalGraphics.com. Next open Snag It and use the capture by region to select the entire slide so that it appears in the Snag It editor. Resize the image so that the quality is good enough but the file size does not exceed 1MB. Save image as .gif or .jpeg. Next, visit www.BlockPosters.com and upload the graphic, slice the image for one page, and download the PDF to your desktop. Now you can print, email, or upload the PDF to your website/blog.


Make the poster. Repeat the same steps as in “Make the flyer” but instead slice the image to create multiple PDF pages that can be stitched together by a printing company. Also, you can print the pages yourself but will have to match up the documents together.

  • A one page wide PDF = 8.5″ by 11″ = 1 page
  • A two page wide PDF = 17″ by 22″ = 4 pages
  • A three page wide PDF = 25.5″ by 33″ = 9 pages

The trick is to have a high quality image as close to 1MB as possible in file size. The larger the poster the lower the quality the image.


Come visit me in Denver.
Come visit me in Denver.

Download the PDF for the course as an example


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