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Are you getting ready for 2009 RAPDD Summit?

Here are the 9 Ways to Maximize the RAPDD 2009 Trip in Wichita Electronically:

1. Book your flight . The best site I have found to book flights is www.Kayak.com. They connect to all of the major airlines, Orbitz, Expedia, and Priceline plus have the best search tool. I use this tool to find the cheapest fare and then buy direct from the airline. You will save money and time by using this site.
Our RAPDD Friends at lunch…

2. Share your travel itinerary. Create an online profile at www.TripIt.com and email your flight and hotel schedule to plans@tripit.com. This will attach your reservations to your online profile which can be shared with other RAPDDs. This way you don’t have to call or email others to see when they arrive and are leaving. TripIt is a social networking site for travel.

Working hard or hardly working…

3. Connect with other RAPDDs on Facebook. Find your RAPDD friends and see what they have been doing, the events that they have scheduled and how they have been spending their time. This will save time at the networking session because you can ask “how is the puppy”, instead of the cliché conversation starter, “What have you been up to?” There is also a RAPDD group on Facebook you may want to join if you haven’t already.

Big smiles from eager minds…

4. Connect with other RAPDDs on LinkedIn. Find RAPDDs on LinkedIn and learn which groups they have become members with, how they have set up their profile, and which applications they have added. Example applications you can add to your LinkedIn profile include WordPress blog, TripIt schedule, PowerPoint presentations, and recommended readings. Perhaps a RAPDD LinkedIn group could be created as a result to discuss hot issues, new courses, and instructors.

Are we getting paid to be here?

5. Share your pictures. Hopefully you take many pictures with your friends during networking times, classes, and at dinner. Instead of emailing the pictures to everyone post them to your Flickr profile. Create a profile at www.Flickr.com and upload all of your photos into a “photostream”. These photos can be viewed online at your Flickr profile, shared by email, embedded into a slideshow, and automatically added to your Facebook profile. To add Flickr photos to your Facebook profile you must add the Flickr application to the Facebook account. Applications are located at the bottom left corner of the Facebook page.

A smile of a happy attendee…

6. Bring your Flip Video. Record special moments live with your digital video camera that you can upload to YouTube or Facebook profile. Use Windows Movie Maker (PC) or iMovie (Mac) to stitch the videos together and add special effects. Once you add a video to Facebook make sure you tag the friends that appeared in the video.

In between classes friends meet.

7. Research the speakers. Google the names of the speakers and visit which websites they appear on multiple pages. This will show upcoming events, past clients, and how they are communicating with their students.

I love education!

8. Bring a USB flash drive. Store your best ideas and exchange them with other RAPDDs on the hotel computer or laptop if available. This will come in handy especially if you want to share photos right away, show examples of marketing materials, and other ideas. Your best idea could be hiding in your pocket and never know when someone will ask to see it.

Back to school…

9. Blog about your experiences. There will be some special moments, sound bites, and new paradigms that may be adjusted that clarity. Writing is a form of sharing and articulates thoughts on paper so another will be able to understand. Add pictures, videos, or other multimedia to share with your colleagues back home.

On the right hand side of this note you will see who has been tagged with this note. This means that they have received this message too. If you do not see one of your RAPDD friends on this page then please share this with them by choosing the share icon at the top right side of the note.

At the end of the Summit I plan to share my PowerPoint, handout, video, and pictures with everyone to be able to extend education outside the classroom.
Here is an example of what I did in Florida as an example.


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