If you have attended one of my sessions and seen me demonstrate the Flip video Camera then I’m sure you ran out and bought one or debated which Flip video Camera so you can start uploading to YouTube.  The reason I like the Flip Video camera is its unbeatable simplicity.  You press the big red button to start recording and the big red button to stop recording.

There are several considerations in choosing the right model.

Which Flip Video Camera to Buy

Be sure to check out the rest of the specs here which include LCD screensize, battery life, software, video quality and performance, optics, camcorder functions, and available accessories.

My recommendation was to upload the videos to YouTube which will host your videos for free and then allow you to share them using email, embed into a blog or website, or distribute using other forms of social media.  Furthermore, there are some videos that you will record using the Flip video Camera that you will not want to publish online for everyone to see.

You may want to create playlists (categories of YouTube videos) to organize your videos online.  Here are the videos I suggest uploading to YouTube:

  • Video testimonials
  • Video listing tours
  • Neighborhood videos (my suggestion is to ride shotgun when recording)
  • Live home buyer seminar recordings
  • Training videos

Here are some videos that you will record using the Flip video camera and not distribute on YouTube:

  • New construction video that shows where plumbing, electric, and HVAC are located before the drywall goes up.
  • Recording of house before it goes under contract to show personal property that is supposed to remain in home after closing.

Should you go with the HD model?

It depends… YouTube now allows you to upload videos in HD which shows a higher resolution video which is a better quality and the video is stretched across the entire YouTube video player.  The drawbacks to recording using Flip video Camera in HD including a larger file size and longer time to upload and preview YouTube videos.

What recording time should I look for?

Realistically the average YouTube video is 3.2 minutes which is still long in my opinion.  The maximum time length YouTube allows for is 10 minutes for most people.  If you see some YouTube videos are longer then 10 minutes then that indicates that the user is a preferred partner to YouTube.

Watch this live demonstration of how to use the Flip video Camera and then upload it to YouTube.


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