A few weeks ago I was trying to decide what to get my family for Christmas (think of your special holiday) and it is always so hard to think about each person wants, needs or will actually use. I’m sure you can think of countless gifts that you have given and the person had never even opened the box. I was determined to simplify the process (less stress for me) but also give the best possible gift they had ever received. The people on my list were my brother, Mom, Dad, and girlfriend Jessica.

I know since I have been in cities, airports and out of town it is always so tough to schedule a time where we can meet face to face. Also, since my brother, his wife Sarah, and their 9 month old bay Dante just moved to Durango, CO we won’t be able to see Dante every other week like when they lived in St. Louis.

My solution…. Web cam.

I had been using a Logitech Quick Cam Pro for the last few years to record videos, communicate with clients, and using the microphone to host webinars. I never thought about ever using the web cam to communicate with my own family.

Here is what I did.

I searched for Google for the best deal on web cams and stumbled upon this site to find as many Logitech Quick Cam Pro web cams as I could. I ordered four web cams in two different orders just to make sure the shipping departments shipped on time and the company beat the deliver date (I’m not guaranteeing this will happen to you).

I received the orders, wrapped them as presents, and drove to their house to install the web cam and the software needed for the computer. We downloaded Skype to the computers, purchased some Skype credit, and then added each other as contacts. Now all my tech challenged parents have to do is go to their computer, make sure they are online, click the Skype button to open the software, click on the name of the family member as a Skype contact, and then dialing out to talk to any family member using video instead of just the phone.

Real life love

Now my Dad and Mom can see my new nephew (their grandson) every other day using the web cam. Once Dante (my nephew) is able to start talking we can speak baby talk with him.

The true story

Everyone has family, friends, and even clients that they want to keep in contact on a regular basis. The phone is great but not satisfactory enough to see live emotions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million.

Check out this funny video on how Skype had a little error and we had to start the call over again.


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