New NAR CEO Sponsors pay for print ads in the association magazine, space at the expo or trade show floor, and bring refreshments for activities in exchange for their name, logo, and 5 minutes of fame.

What is the shelf life of their sponsorship?

  • One month for a magazine ad
  • An afternoon for a tradeshow
  • 5 minutes of fame at an education event

Facebook has generated over 1 billion dollars in revenue from their ads that appear on every page viewable on your Internet browser.  Chances are your REALTOR® Association blog will not get the same traffic Facebook does but perhaps it will generate enough traffic that sponsors will want the additional visibility like they do with traditional approaches, it is just now we can see the results of online traffic to measure its effectiveness.

Here is what we can measure from the WordPress blog:

  • How many online visitors on each page
  • How many impressions are made on each page
  • How many times a visitor clicks on a sponsor page

Can you sell a sponsorship on a blog right away?

I guess it depends.

It depends on your relationship with the sponsor.

It depends on your commitment to posting valuable content regularly.

It depends on your ability to share information effectively on Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin, and other forms of social media.

It depends on how frequently you keep the sponsor updated with the number of media impressions and online traffic your blog receives.

Here is another frequently asked question…

How much does it cost to start a self-hosted WordPress blog?

Estimated $10/year for the domain name, $150 one time charge for a reliable theme, $50/year for the hosting, and other customized design work you want to have done.

Anyone can set up a self-hosted WordPress blog but the chances are they are doing it for the first time making mistakes along the way and don’t have a grasp on all the features, plugins, and integration with the existing communication strategy.

If you would like a FREE copy of my REALTOR® Association Blog Setup Guide please email me at Doug at Doug Devitre dot com and I will send it to you.  This way you save money on unnecessary expenses, time making mistakes as a WordPress rookie, and frustration on the entire process.


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