This was my fourth year at the REALTOR Association Professional Development Directors RAPDD Summit held in Wichita Kansas and always a treat to see so many friends. RAPDD Summit REBAC Networking Happy HourThe RAPDD Summit is where instructors like myself go to learn how to improve my business and also meet current, past, and future clients at REALTOR Associations.

Doug and Mom at RAPDDThis year was different because I brought my Mom with me. Occasionally she will go on trips with me and she loved meeting so many of my friends that I work with. Did you get a chance to meet her yet? Isn’t she the coolest?

RAPDD Summit REBAC ReceptionI attended some great sessions by Melynn Sight, Andrew Wooten, Brad Hanks, Terri Murphy, and Dwayne Carte. Each one of them had great insight on how to improve marketing, delivery, and the future of real estate education.

REBAC, also known as Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council had asked me to help them facilitate their Happy Hour Networking Reception and I could do whatever I wanted (within reason of course). I know that there were many educators and RAPDD members who couldn’t make it this year because of travel delays, insufficient funds, or scheduling conflicts so my idea was to bring them to the party anyway.

Bummer right?

RAPDD Summit REBAC Networking Happy Hour

What did I do for the RAPDD members who didn’t attend?

I printed out their Facebook photos, cut them out and affixed to cardboard, and then taped the head to a stick. So when the happy hour started we took photos of everyone including the cardboard cut outs, and posted them to Facebook, and tagged everyone in the photo.

They are so funny you will have to check out the RAPDD photos below.

You will see:

  • Friends reunite
  • New introductions
  • Fun and excitement
  • Social learning at its best

Also everyone shared some of their best takeaways from the event on a social learning board.

What was your best idea that you took away?  Include as a comment please.

I share so much with everyone including my PowerPoints.

Here is all 84 in one simple screen.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre from St. Louis, Missouri USA when they want to dramatically increase operational performance, create breakthrough value propositions, and serve customers beyond geographical constraints on a minimal budget. For more than a decade he has been setting trends with how organizations engage customers with social media, video marketing, and custom-built software applications. Doug’s book Screen to Screen Selling published by McGraw Hill pioneered the way sales professionals sold homes without being physically present before the COVID-19 pandemic. He is one of a select few who have earned the Certified Speaking Professional Designation from the National Speakers Association and has experience as a REALTOR.

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