Do you love your website or does the sight of it make you cringe?

How much money are you losing because prospects move quickly to your competition online?

Are you overwhelmed by all the things you have ” to do” to build a new website from scratch?

Do you have a limited budget and don’t have a lot of time to learn how to do everything yourself?

Building a new website, blog, or membership site is not easy an easy task for the average Joe.  In fact most just assume pay someone thousands and give up control to the designer who may not be an expert for conversion optimization or search engine optimization.

Truth #1 It’s a lot of work, but you can do it

You can hire consultants to work with the designers if you have the budget however this isn’t realistic for small businesses and associations.  Also, I’m not here to solicit for help you create your website.  In fact if you need some recommendations I’d be happy to share some with you because I’m not in the web design business. But I can help you understand what you didn’t know was possible before to overcome some challenges and list procedures that encompass an entire online strategy.

If you are serious you can find the resources to learn more and that is what I did.  I spent thousands of dollars on learning from live trainings, coaching, webinars, podcasts, online PowerPoint, and audio CDs.  Guess what?  I’m still learning because this knowledge is what differentiates me in the marketplace.

I’m not going to write a book in this post on how to create a website/blog because many already have done that.  I just want to share some experiences, points, and processes that I’ve learned that will help you along the way.

If you plan to build or redesign an online brand you may need to become an expert or find someone to help you with the following tasks:

  1. Be clear on expectations, objectives, and desired outcomes.  If you are not clear on what you want people to do then how can you design a site that fulfills their expectations?  This can take several days to think through the process.
  2. Find a graphic designer to design calls to action buttons and alter images.  Make sure you have the rights to use the photos and many royalty free images to find on the web.
  3. Find a a web designer who specializes in WordPress, CSS, PHP, and HTML 5.  Look for past examples and if they are hideous then chances your new one will be too.
  4. Learn and conduct a search engine optimization analysis, word tracking, and integration into multiple landing pages.  Wow, this one is PHD in of itself.
  5. Learn and build an internal linking strategy to increase search engine optimization
  6. Learn and build an external linking strategy to increase search engine optimization
  7. Increase conversion optimization of landing pages to convert online leads
  8. Sales copywriting.  You might be a good seller face to face but can you sell by the way you write online?  This takes practice where you can be really good if you dedicate yourself 2 years to master.
  9. Email marketing.  This is much different than it was 5 years ago.  Building lists, list rapport, and conversion is another PHD.
  10. Email auto-responders.  Your sales machine and best employee.
  11. Email conversion rates.  Test, test, test
  12. A/B testing of landing pages.  This advance technique requires 2 designs of every home or landing page.
  13. Google Analytics.  Just Google it.

This just scratches the surface…

Truth #2 Find help

I’ve found help on Craigslist, elance, and Fiverr that work on specialized projects.  Never ever put all your eggs in one basket.  Meaning if you choose one company to do everything and they get into trouble you aren’t finding your whole company in a holding pattern when trying to accomplish multiple tasks.

It takes patience and time to find the right help

Truth #3 Ask for help

Your best friends will give you good advice.  Your friends who are experts in design, style, copywrite will get  you the best advice.  I’m so lucky to have friends who know what they are doing and I suggest you do the same.  Also, show the site to your Mom, Grandma, or respected elder and ask them “Do you know what I do by looking at this site?”  If they can’t answer the question then perhaps its time to rethink the words and images you are using.

If you don’t ask then no one will help you

Truth #4 Measure your results

You can’t track what you can’t measure.  Be consistent in monitoring campaigns and always try to improve your conversion rates of filling out forms and landing pages.  Online leads are what matter but validated leads are better.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how many page visits you have, how long others have stayed there, and how frequently they return.  What matters most is when you pick up the phone and sell a face to face meeting if possible.

There are companies that will do this for you or learn it on your own

So why have I been so quiet on Twitter and Facebook lately?

Doug Devitre new website

I wanted to give you a sneak peak of my latest project.  I’ve been implementing what I’ve been talking about and this the first time showing the layout of my new website.

Some of the major additions will:

  • Make event planning a breeze for clients to hold dates on the calendar and coordinate logistics using the online assistant.
  • Make you successful by delivering multimedia resources from the revamped online store.
  • Make you smarter and more productive by opting in to Bonus Coaching programs including “365 Technology Tips“.  More are on their way.

But that’s not all…

Have you…….?

  • Attended a session this last year and need to be reminded about principles we discussed?
  • Signed up for a newsletter before and not getting the emails?

At the end of next month we are switching over our email service to a new provider.

Once a month you will receive a special note from me that includes what I can share with you, where I’m going, and where I’ve been.  Also, I will share with you special offers that are only for those who take action and get back on the bus to using a prescriptive approach to leveraging technology.

Click here to get back on bus.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre when they want to dramatically improve marketing, productivity, and sales performance with the latest technology. He is changing the way consultants consult, coaches coach, and trainers train professionals with his creative approach to using technology focused on business outcomes. The University of Missouri-Columbia Business School Entrepreneur of the Year, National Association of Realtors Business Specialties Hall of Fame Educator, and Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association brings a power-packed, innovative punch to managing organizational change outlined in his latest book Screen to Screen Selling™ : How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and the Customer Experience With the Latest Technology. Now Doug is focused on creating thought leadership on how businesses can use the Amazon Alexa platform to reduce operational costs and improve workplace productivity.

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