Need to rebrand?


It doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg like you might think or take months to make it happen.

If you have a new marketing campaign and time is of the essence to launch then implementing with a project management system like Basecamp will make sure you hit your deadlines while working with your team of virtual assistants.

Watch this video will give you some ideas you can implement right away.






Here are a few suggestions to help you with each one.

Find logo, letterhead, print, and online profile designers on Fiverr and Odesk.  Sort by the highest rated first and verify on the user reviews and past work.

Use mobile apps such as Hootsuite for online listening, Google Alerts for web alerts, Tweetbeep for Twitter alerts, and WordPress to respond to blog comments. Send video and picture text messages and pick up the phone. The calling feature still works.

Content creation
If you speak faster than you type try recording your voice with a mobile app, send it to SpeechPad and it will convert long audio announcements to text for blog posts, press and press releases to send to the editor. Create a video studio  or Livestream to video broadcast your events to broadcast events to those members who can’t be physically present. Read the book Infographics: Power of Storytelling to learn how to transform your reports to visual stimulating graphics.

When you involve members in the process they make you valuable.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre when they want to dramatically improve marketing, productivity, and sales performance with the latest technology. He is changing the way consultants consult, coaches coach, and trainers train professionals with his creative approach to using technology focused on business outcomes. The University of Missouri-Columbia Business School Entrepreneur of the Year, National Association of Realtors Business Specialties Hall of Fame Educator, and Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association brings a power-packed, innovative punch to managing organizational change outlined in his latest book Screen to Screen Selling™ : How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and the Customer Experience With the Latest Technology. Now Doug is focused on creating thought leadership on how businesses can use the Amazon Alexa platform to reduce operational costs and improve workplace productivity.

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