I rarely post anything personal on my blog unless a special occasion or event has happened in my life.  In the last 8 months there has been three big one that need some explanation.  If you remember when my nephew Dante was born in March of 2009 or when my Mom and I took a cruise together in the Mediterranean, I’ve always tried to recap the moments to share with my readers, my friends, and my clients.

I’ve posted them in order of importance starting out with finding the love of my life.

#1  Allison said YES!

Met Allison

I met Allison for the first time November 30th, of 2012 returning home from a trip to Savannah.  On July 21st, 2013 we became engaged at the Westin Puerto Vallarta property where we committed to share our lives together.  Thank the man upstairs for the Internet because I don’t know if I would have found her otherwise.

I filmed a video of the proposal which summarizes the marriage proposal.

#2 Certifiably Professional Speaker

CSP class of 2013

The National Speakers Association (NSA), the leading organization for professional speakers, is proud to announce 19 professional speakers have earned the Certified Speaking Professional® (CSP) designation in 2013.

Established in 1980, the CSP is the speaking profession’s international measure of speaking experience and skill. Fewer than 10 percent of speakers who belong to the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) hold this professional designation.

csp logo

The CSP designation is conferred by the National Speakers Association (NSA) and the Global Speakers Federation (GSF) only on accomplished professional speakers who have earned it by meeting strict criteria. CSPs must document a proven track record of continuing speaking experience and expertise, as well as a commitment to ongoing education, outstanding client service and ethical behavior. The 2013 class of CSPs will be honored during a ceremony on July 27 at the annual NSA Convention in Philadelphia, Penn.

“The Certified Speaking Professional certification recognizes platform excellence and business success in the speaking profession,” says 2012-2013 NSA President Ron Culberson, MSW, CSP. “Achieving this milestone is not only viewed as a tremendous accomplishment among our peers, but the CSP designation also assures meeting professionals that the speaker will bring a high level of competence and professionalism to their work.”

#3 Graduate of Consulting College

My business has taken a 180 in the last 180 days to be more result driven rather than being activity driven and make better, longer lasting decisions that will have a substantial impact for the organizations I work with.  Where as most consultants charge by how they deliver their expertise, we will instead focus on the value that we can deliver so you can measure as it relates to your objectives.


This ethical practice of diagnosing problems before giving recommendations is rare, but need more ever today with all of the options to choose from.  I can’t thank my mentor Alan Weiss for completing shifting the way I serve my clients that delivers true value rather than just being a paired of hired hands.  The Million Dollar Consulting College was the turning point in December 5-10th, 2012


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre when they want to dramatically improve marketing, productivity, and sales performance with the latest technology. He is changing the way consultants consult, coaches coach, and trainers train professionals with his creative approach to using technology focused on business outcomes. The University of Missouri-Columbia Business School Entrepreneur of the Year, National Association of Realtors Business Specialties Hall of Fame Educator, and Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association brings a power-packed, innovative punch to managing organizational change outlined in his latest book Screen to Screen Selling™ : How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and the Customer Experience With the Latest Technology. Now Doug is focused on creating thought leadership on how businesses can use the Amazon Alexa platform to reduce operational costs and improve workplace productivity.

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