During the National Association Realtors annual convention in New Orleans, the CRS Global Alliance committee hosted a conversation that will change how real estate professionals build relationships, demonstrate their expertise, and influence transactions on a global scale.

CRS Global Alliances National Association of Realtors Convention

Committee Chairperson Gina Blanco invited Laura Leyser, Past President of the Canadian Real Estate Association to share how to better work with Canadian buyers and generate more referrals from Canadian real estate professionals. Laura informed everyone about Canadian cultural norms, values and systems  so that the participants can better serve Canadian buyers.

Because of time restraints we only talked about doing business with Canada when there were participants who could have shared their insights.

I summarized eight hours of curriculum for Florida Realtors in the handout as well as a downloadable checklist to improve the participants implementation of key ideas found here

Once the meeting was over I wondered how could the 9 other countries represent themselves in order to discuss the cross border challenges and cultural intelligence to work with foreign buyers.

And then it hit me!

Global Broadcast using Zoom

We were already broadcasting the video to foreign participants on their computer screen using They included Erik Noordam from the Netherlands, Macarena Rose from Belize, Donna Laing Jones from the Bahamas, and Jan Falcone from Aruba among others.

But many people couldn’t make it for one reason or another.  Some couldn’t find the room, others had previous obligations.

Then it led me to ask this question…

How can we connect with world with one instant meeting at a time without being physically present?

Follow this process for the next time you want to host remote meetings with global minded participants either to build new relationships, demonstrate your expertise, or influence the sale without being physically present.

Reconnect with participants

Connect with acquaintances by phone, email, and connecting on social media platforms.

Schedule a remote meeting with contacts that includes target customer segments representing your international buyers.

Verify time/zones when coordinating meetings and ensure text/email notification that reminds the participants.  This notification should include an attachment to download the meeting into the participant’s calendar.

Instant Meeting Process

You could use Skype except the interface isn’t as user friendly.

Why not use to create “Doing Business with _______” conversations, record the conversation into a video format, and share the video using YouTube with those interested in “Doing Business with _______” with their international members for educational purposes.

Say hello by video to video to start building rapport and listen careful to the other person.  These verbal and non verbal cues guide you as to what you will say, share, and support the conversation.

Share resources by copy/paste URL of digital resource that aids your international buyers in decision making process.

Post Meeting Process recording feature allows you to record the dialogue so that you can post to YouTube or other video hosting services.  Select private or public depending on your security preferences and then share according to the user’s preferred method of communication.

Create a blog post meeting recap that summarizes some key points, post the Video, and link to other supporting documentation.  Now others can benefit from all of the resources you dumped into the meeting in order to save significant costs on logistics.

After you connect with your global participants and host remote meetings please share with me the event recaps you create and I will share them with others so they can see live examples.

Watch this recorded webinar with John Mayfield and FIABCI as we discuss some of these tools in more detail.

Final Comment

My Dad departed Mumbai India in March of 1962 leaving his family and friends behind in order to start a new future.  The boat that left India passed through the Suez Canal and ported both in Alexandria, Egypt, London England, and arrived in Ellis Island in September.

Imagine how different his life would have been if he had access to the same resources, technology, and people we do today.  It’s mind boggling

All this being said…

It’s my mission to connect the world with a click and I hope you can select the right technology, develop new skills sets to use the technology, and share your expertise in a unique and authentic way.

Reading this post confirms your commitment to serve global.  Now share what you are able to do with these tips in a comment below.

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