Are you having a baby soon?

Or, maybe you know someone who is? Maybe you have a raised your own and wonder what else you could have done. you having a babyCall me a crazy but I’m always looking for new ways to seize milestones in magical way for bringing baby home with technology.  And, to prepare yourself or someone else you know who is about ready to experience this miracle, this post might give you a few ideas what to do before, during, and after the baby is brought into the world.

Before Birth

There’s no sweeter sound than… “Honey, I have something I need to tell you.  I’m pregnant.”  After I heard those words from Allison my mind started racing about all the things that we were going to do to help our baby get the edge on life.

We then started downloading the choosing the best technology and most reviewed reviewed baby apps.

These include…

My Pregnancy and My Baby

babyMy Pregnancy app includes daily prescriptive list checklists to  prepare for everything which is the best for bringing baby home with technology.  I saw my role as a husband to manage the entire process patiently, with love, and on target.   If Allison wasn’t happy, the baby isn’t happy.

Built-in email campaigns with push notifications from the app made sure we didn’t miss a single item on the list and kept us updated on what’s happening inside Momma’s belly.

The My Baby app is similar to My Pregnancy except that My Baby gives you a whole new list after the baby is born.  It’s easy to get overwhelmed.  That’s why a simple project management software separate from the baby apps will help you focus more on urgencies and priorities.


Baby preparation tasks include which appointments to set, which questions to ask which doctors, and all the items necessary to stay ahead of the baby.  Tasks are either urgent, important, assignable, recurring, and can be completed faster if they are managed from mobile devices.  Wunderlist has been our go-to couples project management app.  More importantly is the rules that go behind it, not just the features it includes which needs attention to detail in task writing, linking, and scheduling appointments in a shared mobile calendar.


Popular storesMost popular stores that sells baby accessories have a baby registry.  However not all stores are created equal to have the variety, quality, and pricing alternatives for different products.  You can add product links to your baby registry from different websites and get notifications when someone orders you something off the list.


The Institute for the Advancement of Human potential has some of the best training videos.  I’ve created a playlist of YouTube videos I’ve watched to be useful in learning what to do when the baby is here to develop their motor skills, auditory skills, writing, language, and other cognitive behaviors.

During Birth

you having a babyIt might be safe to record the live delivery behind a curtain, but broadcasting live is a no no.  We saved that for the patient recovery when we could get to as close to normal as possible.  But I wanted to get some real photos and videos of the experience capturing all of the emotions.

Do I play husband, cameraman, or both?

The iPhone 6+ takes amazing photos.  But I handed that to one of the surgical assistants to take photos of us.  But the video is a little more tricky.  I placed the iPad on my Swivl, a robotic device the size of a hockey puck, which had a motion sensor follow me around the room.

After BirthThe camera was behind the curtain so you can’t see the surgery.  And, with the wearable lanyard hung around my neck, the iPad video recording would follow me from holding Allison’s hand to capturing me cutting the baby’s umbilical cord.  Watch me cut the cord.

After Birth

It’s expensive to fly all of your family and friends to the hospital so they can be with you during the special moment.  Also, there is only so much space that people can fit.  This was a private moment not to be broadcasted to the world.  It was kept close between friends, family, and colleagues who are close to us so we used these few apps.


A birth isn’t something you can plan as a timestamp.  Making 100 phones calls was out of the question and we wanted a more personal conversation than broadcasting to the world.  So we used Callfire to send a text message broadcast to a select list of participants with a few characters and an invitation web link to join instantly.



FaceTime or Skype isn’t scalable to reach multiple participants so we needed a platform that would run instantly and work.  The Zoom mobile meeting platform produced a meeting link that we included in Callfire an in a minute of sending out the link, we have loved ones join us from all over the country.  That was never possible before.

Watch a recorded webinar we did with Zoom yesterday that shows you some alternatives in mobile meetings.

Frame Artist

Less than a week later Allison had her birthday.  In addition to getting flowers, making dinner, etc. I made her two different collages one being more permanent than another using the Frame Artist app on my iPad.

Picture Frame

Picture Frame

We have been together for over 2.5 years and blessed with some amazing experiences that would take several digital photo albums to sort through and find or books to flip through.  I designed a collage of pictures Frame Artist app and printed one sheet in full color.  Print 6 sheets with and place them side by side and now you have a bigger collage.



Did you know that bakeries can now bake a cake with an image that you send ahead of time?  Most customers use one photo and the picture becomes distorted after half is consumed.  If you use multiple pictures to create one photo on the iPad, then send the bakery the collage.  Multiple photos on a cake have cleaner lines to cut while saving cake some face (no pun intended).

Tiny Piano

One way to stimulate your baby’s progress is to play musical notes to get them to respond to physical activity.  Our favorite song is La Bamba.

There’s more apps to track a baby’s progress, vital signs and when the baby has officially peed (TweetPee) their pants using wearable technology.

Missing App for Bringing Baby Home With Technology

There is no app for love.  

Love comes from the heart, human touch, and harmony inside the household.  Technology will never replace those features and functionality of the soul.  They will only enable or disable the experience you create for your family.

Now, that I’ve shared some ideas with you…

What apps have you seen work best with your baby?


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