Have you had enough of social media already?

I mean you have tried everything and aren’t seeing the results that everyone keeps talking about.  You created a Linkedin account, a Facebook Page, and now trying Instagram wondering where you are going to find time to complete all your social media tasks.

Don’t worry.  It’s time to set the record straight.

What’s interesting about many of the gurus who previously held the torch preaching the gospel about how social media would change your business overnight now have full time jobs working for someone else.  Why?


You could be the best blogger, best YouTuber, and best Pinterest pinner but at the end of the day you can’t pick up your phone to call your customer, demonstrate value, and close a transaction then you have no sale.  That’s it.  End of post (or should be).

SMO is marketing at the top of the funnel.  SMO can add value to relationships you haven’t established yet.  And, social media can help a salesperson’s credibility if the customer makes their decisions according to online reputation.

At some point no matter how far down the funnel, you have to be able to talk to a real customer who has real problems, and be able to solve them like no one else can.

It is the foot in the door,  it’s not sales.

Take a time log of how much time you spend on social vs. talking to your customers.

If you are spending more time on social media than you are on business development, prospecting, and spending time with customers then you really aren’t in sales, you’re in marketing.


Organizations bring in Doug Devitre when they want to dramatically improve marketing, productivity, and sales performance with the latest technology. He is changing the way consultants consult, coaches coach, and trainers train professionals with his creative approach to using technology focused on business outcomes. The University of Missouri-Columbia Business School Entrepreneur of the Year, National Association of Realtors Business Specialties Hall of Fame Educator, and Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association brings a power-packed, innovative punch to managing organizational change outlined in his latest book Screen to Screen Selling™ : How to Increase Sales, Productivity, and the Customer Experience With the Latest Technology. Now Doug is focused on creating thought leadership on how businesses can use the Amazon Alexa platform to reduce operational costs and improve workplace productivity.

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