It was an interesting year. One full of lessons, personal sacrifice, and advancements in how we work from home. You couldn’t have predicted COVID-19 would be the reason why so many of us can’t get together in person and I hadn’t suspected Screen to Screen Selling would come back to life how it has. Literally, overnight my business pivoted from leading the #voicefirst movement in real estate back to #screentoscreen. I acquired the publishing rights back from McGraw Hill and working on making a new 2021 version available on Kindle soon with more innovations and business processes to help people show up better in the virtual environment.

Important Milestones for Me

  • Set a new standard for hosting virtual events and delivering presentations by using a dynamic presentation style with the latest technology.
  • Conducted a six-month virtual presentation boot camp with raving reviews from clients who implemented my recommendations.
  • Delivered a presentation at VOICE Global 2020 on Voice Apps for the Real Estate Industry.
  • Developed a web-based application to convert video files to audio files, text transcripts, and sub rip text files.
  • Developed a multimodal Amazon Alexa skill called Unofficial Voice Marketing for Business to play multimedia files on screen-enabled devices like the Fire TV and Echo Show.
  • Delivered a presentation at the National Speakers Association Influence 2020 virtual convention on Voice Marketing for Business.

My son started his first year in kindergarten. He had been thrown into taking virtual classes with his school-assigned laptop and has days where he signs on using Zoom to participate. Who could have predicted this? He is ahead in his reading, math, and other skills that he would normally learn in school. Sometimes I will invite him into the studio and we will broadcast together to give him some experience speaking extemporaneously about what interests him most with visuals. It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary if he soon has his own channel to live broadcast from the world he built in Minecraft and invite his friends using a secure server on the Raspberry Pi. I didn’t start typing until junior high. He knows the computer shortcuts to copy/paste and run a script on Python.

Important 2020 milestones for Harry

  • Started building a virtual school in Minecraft Pi Edition and programming scripts in Python.
  • Swim to the bottom of the 9’ pool to retrieve toys at the bottom.
  • Walk/run 3.7 miles around Creve Coeur Park.
  • Reading and math at the 2nd-grade level.
  • Recorded his video with sound effects.
  • Shooting baskets.

I am excited about the possibilities I can create for you, my son, and so many more people with the latest technology this year.

Here are some innovations you can expect from me

  • Hosting AND speaking at more virtual events
  • Revised 2021 edition of Screen to Screen Selling book
  • More digital products available for purchase
  • New book What They Don’t Teach You in Kindergarten: A Parent’s Survival Guide to Creating a Safe Technology Environment for Kids
  • Enhancements to FREE video conversion tool
  • New web apps that involve phone, SMS, and push notifications.

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I wish you the best in 2021.

Doug Devitre

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