How do you measure the effectiveness of your remote workforce?

Surviving the impact of the pandemic is a good start. However, let’s take a closer look at how much money your organization has saved by working remote, how much easier you have made it for others around you, and why still pushing your team to improve their work home performance is necessary even though there’s a chance some will go back into the office.

Here in no particular order, I have made a list of metrics. Each one represents a unique look at how video meetings can improve sales performance, improve brand awareness, improve the quality of learning performance, and improve overall team performance. I suggest you take a look to identify specific metrics you will look to increase, decrease, or maintain a satisfactory level. Make a list of those important to you and start a conversation with your team today.

  1. Number of meetings  
  2. Number of on-time meetings
  3. Transportation costs to meeting per person
  4. Number of new customers (virtual)
  5. Customer response time
  6. Absenteeism
  7. Number of call attempts   
  8. Number of files reworked     
  9. Technology costs
  10. % of opportunities closed virtually       
  11. Length of meetings
  12. Real property/office costs
  13. Number of virtual sales
  14. Customer churn
  15. Disposal of out-dated technology
  16. Revenue per customer
  17. % of the day prospecting
  18. Carbon footprint
  19. Number of last-minute meeting cancellations
  20. Number of training modules delivered
  21. Time to create high-quality training videos
  22. Employee turnover
  23. On-time deliverables
  24. Customer feedback (virtual)
  25. Brand impressions from meetings and virtual events
  26. Social media engagement
  27. Number of presentation errors
  28. Hoteling
  29. Lead response time
  30. % of productive meetings
  31. Administrative labor for meetings
  32. Length of the sales decision-making cycle
  33. Employee morale (working from home)
  34. Time to task when sharing screen
  35. Stress management (working from home)
  36. Number of virtual interviews
  37. Number of team accountability meetings
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