Are you ready for your face to appear on the Today Show or CNN?

Ok, the likelihood of that happening is rare although not entirely impossible. At any moment you could be asked to join on camera while sitting in your living room and I would imagine you want to look your best.

There are two webcams that I recommend that are relatively inexpensive and will quickly update the quality of the webcam video input feed to your Zoom meeting or any other video meeting platform.

Simple Logitech HD under $100

If your camera output is 1280 x 720 camera then do yourself a favor and invest in this camera. Why? People are watching Zoom video meetings and YouTube videos on your TV, whose resolution could be in 4K. As long as you are in the middle with a HD 1920 x 1080 dpi camera, you won’t look the worst and also not need to invest in a faster computer to process a 4K camera.

Logitech Brio 4K

If you have a newer computer with faster processing power, more RAM, and a video graphics card, you may be ready for 4K. Although 4K video is not the norm yet, you may want to add this and other technical requirements to your list to have the best quality across multiple channels including larger screens.

Both of these webcams would work great for a green screen background or in your home office nook. Each of them does not require a large investment, and when connected to a virtual camera, you can show up any time inside of the multimedia-based environment you create for other meeting participants.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Consider the connection cable between the computer and webcam. The webcam might have a USB-C cable and your computer has slots available for regular USB ports.
  • Your lighting will have a significant impact on your webcam’s appearance. Choose better lighting alternatives over experimenting with the webcam video settings.
  • Assess the position of the webcam for the greatest view. You want to be placed in 1/3 of the camera video output screen, and looking directly into the camera with your chin looking slightly up at the camera if possible.
  • Place the position of the video monitor as close to the webcam to see how you show up for others and remind you to look in the webcam.
  • Place a happy face emoji next to the webcam camera capture point to remind you to smile.
  • Invest in a movable webcam stand to support different camera angles if needed.
  • Find a video coaching partner who will help you test different webcam settings so you can keep improving your presence on video.
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