New world. New rules.

The Association for Talent Development is hosting its annual Techknowledge 2022 this week. Our session What They Don’t Teach You in Kindergarten represents ideas you can implement to help your company stay relevant today.

When others ask me about my son Harry’s story, some have said the apple didn’t fall from the tree. Others scoff at the idea of empowering a child so young with so many skills and tools because of the risks associated with his maturity. What I believe to be true is his age is not a limiting factor when using technology safely. The biggest limiting factor is getting started today.

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The Virtual Workforce Rules Have Already Been Written

The world didn’t change when I published Screen to Screen Selling in 2015 with McGraw Hill. I had no idea everyone and their families would be using Zoom today. Ironically, when Harry was born, we used Zoom to introduce him to our family and friends who lived around the country. The rules for meeting remotely didn’t change either. The world hadn’t fully accepted rules written in #screentoscreen because face-to-face was so much easier, personal, and meaningful.

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world was forced to change. In fact, it became against the law in some states to meet in person. Then companies were forced to make revisions to business processes, office policy and procedures, and training. You had to change or you would be out of work. There was no turning back.

Defining New Rules

In 2021, I took a homeschool approach with Harry because his school didn’t have the time or the resources to dedicate to his needs. The entire year was dedicated to empowering him with the skills and tools that they don’t offer at his school and in many cases, large organizations haven’t figured out either. When Harry steps up to start recording videos using a very complex setup, there is no excuse for training departments with a talented workforce that cannot do the same for themselves.

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