Have you ever walked through an expo hall and asked yourself when am I going to find time to implement all of this?  The problem is that us as customers discover a solution and then create problems it might solve rather than trying to looking solution for a problems using what we already have. Even if you tried to implement every app, tool, or technology you would be busy on administrative setup rather than focusing on the fundamentals of sales, marketing, and relationship building which are the basics for growing an enterprise.

Take a look at your smartphone right now and ask yourself what % of the apps you use on a daily basis. The reason why you have most of them is because someone said it was a good idea and you also thought so too however you never took the time to integrate into your daily practice to produce a tangible result. It was merely a feel good means to and end for accomplishing an activity.

Every company is challenged with choosing the right tactics, determining the metrics for success, calculating the true value of the decision, contemplating the risks, calculating the project implementation completion time, and assigning the accountability to someone who has the talent to execute within a defined process.

There are usually 100 tactics that do the same thing if you are looking solution for a problems.

How do you choose the most appropriate solution will give the result you are looking for?


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