One of the most challenging things to do as an instructor is present before your peers. I was honored yesterday to have the opportunity to teach some of the people that I admire most. If you were to assemble some of the brightest minds, most seasoned professionals, and best instructors from around the country, look no further than the REBAC instructors.

We spent all of Wednesday, November 11th at the ABR® (Accredited Buyer’s Representative) Instructor Development Workshop discussing the bi-annual revisions to keep the the ABR® instructors abreast of changes to the course.  The morning session was led by Lynn Madison, who kept the day moving quickly but still answered specific questions related to buyers agency, changes to the code of ethics, and other relevant info instructors need to properly communicate to their students.

When it was my turn I shifted the discussion from buyer’s agency to how ABR® instructors can assist their course providers in filling seats in the classroom. We discussed out-of-the-box ideas, social media marketing, and other technologies readily available for instructors to implement.

Please see the following PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates these marketing philosophies.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the convention. If you weren’t able to make it, or if you want to enhance your experience, go to and type in the ‘hashtag’ #nar2009 to see what people are tweeting about. You don’t even have to have a twitter account!

If you have a Twitter account you can set a series of tweets to be time-released during the day. All you have to do it sign up for a free account at Social Oomph.  Setting a tweet to release is as easy as adding an event to your calendar.  As Ron Popeil says, ‘Set it and forget it!’ Just be sure not to abuse this ability, as a new tweet every minute of he day might lose you some followers.

Lastly, a great question was asked at the event, “Does SlideShare include your notes when you upload a presentation?”. The answer is yes. Down where the comment box is located there will appear a ‘notes’ tab with all of your notes. If you do not want to include your notes when uploading to SlideShare, open your PowerPoint and ‘save as’ a different file. This will create a new file where you can delete the notes before uploading without affecting the origional file.

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