Most managers and committees waste tremendous amounts of time because they argue over tactics, not objectives. Once the objective is clear then the fun begins choosing the most effective tactics. However the one common trend that I find is there is no process for Accelerated decision making to determine which tactic offers the most value with the least amount of risk, fits within a budget and has a realistic time frame to completion.

Use this diagram for your next meeting. My hopes is that you choose one or few realistic tactics instead of listing every possible option.


From a personal standpoint here is the process I followed recently in order to make an important decision.

My objective this weekend was to buy a formal business suit for my speaking engagements and live meetings with prospective customers and clients.

My tactics were to try on as many suits as I could within a 3 hour period of time at 3 different high end stores.

The way I defined success was to have Allison say, “BAM! That’s a hot suit” and have my associates take me more seriously.

The value is enhanced image.

The risks were spending too much money on a suit or too much time shopping for one.

The anticipated profit came from the enhanced image even though it might not

The execution was mapping out the stores, where the departments were located, and ask attire consultants for advice on what to buy.

Allison was my accountability to make sure I made a wise investment.


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