I’ve never been to Mississippi to teach in Alabama before but I must admit I kind of like the sound of it. This presentation has been customized for the Alabama Real Estate Educators Association.

Here are some of the takeaways…

Produce powerful PowerPoint presentations that promote your learning objectives. Create a PowerPoint from scratch in seconds, design a template that matches your subject, and animate text/objects for maximum effect. Incorporate video, audio, and dynamic royalty free photos that enhance your delivery of complex subjects that your students will love. Implement shortcuts and links that save you money and time both in design and on the platform.

Impact thousands inside and outside the classroom at a fraction of the cost. Substantially boost revenues, increase exposure, and deliver information to your students using the latest technology in education. This technology includes blogging effectively, online social bookmarking, networking, and Google Docs. These innovative applications will save your staff money, time, and energy by eliminating daily hassles and integrating systems using online social media and communication.

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