Associations work so much harder than they have to because they are set up with archaic systems and processes.


The systems that necessary to collect revenues are the customer relationship manager (database), email/online marketing systems, and payment gateway systems. Where they intersect is lies the problem in that each of the systems do not talk well with one another and have little customization if any.

The big reason why Amazon is the largest holder of consumer credit card information is because they have made the transaction so simple with the one click method, one click up-sells, and offer suggested products that you might consider. Kmart is also making is super easy for customers to buy online that you might just ship your pants.

If associations tool this approach they would find out they wouldn’t have to work so hard in trying to get members to attend events, participate in activities, or use the services they work tirelessly to promote.

Watch this video to see the opportunity that exists and a simplistic approach to connecting the dots.







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