The first time in Arkansas was a true delight even though I wasn’t able to stay more than 24 hours. I was surprised that many agents were just getting started using social media and there was may one out of 100 that were really using it effectively.

Keep up the great work Ray!

CloudsI sat through one of the membership awards luncheon and it was awesome. I’m not able to participate in my own state (Missouri) volunteer activities serving as a Board of Director like I did before my education business took over and I visioned many of my Missouri friends who had some of the same positions as those who were the Arkansas REALTORS in the same positions. It reminded me the importance of giving back, how important it is to support REALTOR issues at the government level, and how REALTORS work together to serve a common goal, to protect the private property rights of home ownership.

Here were some of the sessions I did at the convention.

Home work assignments to implement what we discussed.
Revise your email signature
Social media excel spreadsheet


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