Every day there is a new tool, piece of software, application to use in your real estate business and too often many are used at a fraction of  it’s capabilities.  Furthermore, when starting out making a mistake with a client in its application can cost the professional the transaction and potential referrals.

Practice on your family first!

This goes for:

  • Sending out direct mail campaigns
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Skype chat, phone and video calls
  • Database management
  • Video recording, editing, and sharing
  • Picture recording, editing, and sharing

Every time you apply something new you learn you keep getting better.

Simple truths I have learn:

  • It will never be 100% right the first time.
  • The next time you use an application  time is saved because you are not spending time looking for icons, links, and buttons.
  • New options are unveiled because familiarity increases each time with use.
  • There is always a better, faster, cheaper way to perform a task.
  • Your family is much more forgiving than your clients will ever be on making mistakes.
  • Repetition is essential for mastering rote memory, process, and tasks.

Check out some of these videos I’ve made that are more personal than business related.

How have you used technology to communicate with your family that has improved the way you communicate with your clients?


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