If you want to spend money on something then these software, hardware, or tools are well worth the money spent.  I mean like a gazillion % return on investment.  There are some other secrets behind each tool and we will describe in detail.

Prices and websites will vary.  Do not limit research to these items only.

  • Snag-It. A screen capture, picture editing and formatting tool that captures anything on the web and allows you to change or manipulate the image. Insert pictures, charts, text, and shapes on to Microsoft Word documents and save a conglomerate of items as one. There is also a video capture feature for silent movies. Find out more at www.TechSmith.com.
  • Camtasia. A video screen capture and editing software. Produce video tutorials of your website, record video PowerPoint presentations, and host them on www.YouTube.com . Also stitch video testimonials together to appear as one video. Find out more at www.TechSmith.com.
  • Fujitsu ScanSnap. Easiest scanner of multiple double-sided documents and business cards. It’s about the size of a shoe box. Upload all documents to share with company and consumers at www.Box.net
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard. Included with the Fujitsu ScanSnap, Adobe Acrobat produces and edits PDF documents better than other more affordable alternatives. Create one PDF from multiple files and password protect confidential documents.
  • Efax. Create your own fax line direct to your computer. You now have a fax machine wherever you go.
  • Self-Hosted WordPress blog. Not for the beginning blogger. Choose a free template or buy a robust alternative and host your blog yourself and save money. 100% customizable themes, widgets, forms, and interaction with consumers. Find out more at www.efax.com.
  • Digital video camera. Flip is my favorite technology tool. Record videos of listings, testimonials and neighborhoods. Buy one from your local electronic store or see them online at www.FlipVideo.com.
  • Podcast. Create your own online radio show by upload audio files (recorded conversations) about real estate and upload them to www.HipCast.com that creates the RSS feed.  The RSS feed is mandatory to put on iTunes.
  • Digital Camera. Too many models to choose from.  www.NewEgg.com
    USB video camera.  Video conference live or host your own online buyer seminar TV show.  Find a good web cam at www.Logitech.com
  • IDX solution. This is what you need to add search for home into your real estate website.  The IDX solution takes the Multiple Listing Service listing feed an automatically updates within minutes.  An example of an IDX feed is www.Wolfnet.com


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