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Bringing Baby Home With Technology

Are you having a baby soon? Or, maybe you know someone who is? Maybe you have a raised your own and wonder what else you could have done. Call me a crazy but I'm always looking for new ways to seize milestones in magical way using the latest technology.  And, to prepare yourself or someone else you know.. MORE

Eight Ways to Geek Out for Your Wedding

Allison and I are having our wedding next weekend during Fair St. Louis.  Bonnie Raitt will be playing after our reception, a spectacular fireworks session is scheduled, and have many more activities for our guests to participate in. In order to create the ultimate guest experience I'm applying my marketing and.. MORE

Who Pays for Advocacy

In a world where the good prevent the bad and poorly constructed decisions are made by others around our influence, the question that is on the top of most in association and organizational management is... "Who pays for advocacy?" Let's pretend there were no philanthropic organizations aimed at serving special.. MORE

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The Best of 3 Milestones

I rarely post anything personal on my blog unless a special occasion or event has happened in my life.  In the last 8 months there has been three big ones that need some explanation.  If you remember when my nephew Dante was born in March of 2009 or when my Mom and I took a cruise together in the Mediterranean, I've.. MORE