Thank you to Tim Finer and Hills Bank for sponsoring the our day in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City to share some social media ideas for REALTORS® who want to get the edge in their market.  Also special thanks to the Iowa City Association of REALTORS® and the Cedar Rapids Association of REALTORS® for help promoting this event.

I know we covered a lot of material in a short period of time and thank you for being open to new ideas. Please also take a look at some other resources on this blog to help you. It is very difficult to provide value to all skill set levels in the room. In the future I will include a Webliography of sites that you can research on their own time.  The challenge then is it is to know how they all intersect with one another.  Each business model requires a unique approach and there is ‘no one size fits’ all model.

Post comments to this entry as we go and I will be sure to follow up on this blog. I prefer this to an email so that everyone can participate in the conversation.

Iowa City, Iowa – Blogging Effectively

Here is the PowerPoint presentation for you to review

Here are some additional free handouts to download.

Use these free resources to enhance and track your social media profiles and blog:

Cedar Rapids, Iowa – Communicating Effectively Using Social Media


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