The main difference between approved continuing education courses and unapproved courses is that approved courses must benefit the consumer, not just the agent. In addition, brokers and agents must be aware of some of the risks associated with using social media to communicate their expertise. The courses Blogging Effectively and Minimizing Risk and Communicating Effectively and Minimizing Risk were both delivered during the full day.

The Cedar Rapids Association of REALTORS® hosted this event at the Clarion Convention Center.

The biggest challenge for most agents trying to wrap their heads around social media is that they need to be open to new ideas and adjust the paradigm to what they perceive to be effective. Experienced agents have relied on traditional forms of marketing, advertising and communication in which may have worked before. However since the consumer is changing their preferred communication into a variety of formats including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, SlideShare and YouTube. Real estate professional who do not adapt will not capture the attention of these computer savvy individuals.

Let’s face it… the consumer has CHANGED.

Here are some of the PowerPoint presentations from the course.

Here are some Downloadable Resources

Since I couldn’t catch a flight home that evening I stayed around and was lucky to find out that the hotel had a restaurant plus the Penguin Comedy Club.  My road warrior friends should definitely check it out.  It was a great evening!


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