Collin County Association of REALTORS Technology Boot camp
This was one of the best sessions I think I had this year so far because #1 the meeting planner at the Collin County Association of REALTORS did an amazing job at filling the seats and #2 the group was so much fun to work with.

The theme was a Boot Camp where many fine REALTORS dressed up in army uniforms, had their faces painted, and wore special Collin County Association of REALTORS dog tags made for the event.

Here are some pictures from the event

One person came up to me and said the reason she came was because the video was something she never seen before. The meeting planner did a great job sending the video out by email and sharing with others. I think it is this kind of promotion that really grabs peoples’ attention. What do you think?

Here is a video we used to promote the event.


Home work assignments to implement what we discussed.
Revise your email signature
Social media excel spreadsheet

If you have questions from the session or any of the materials below I encourage your feedback.  Thanks!


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