You need the fastest route to creating an opportunity, solving a problem, and taking corrective action. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortunate nor do you have to wait years in order to see a result.

My name is Doug Devitre and I’ve been hired as consultant by many leading real estate organizations you already know. And together we have won awards, delivered on innovations, and served customers all over the world. You might wonder why choose me over your existing consultant and wonder if I have the skills necessary to assist on very specialized projects.

Here are just a few:

  • Delivered over 300 seminars to over 100,000 real estate professionals in 44 states, 6 Canadian provinces, and 5 countries in 12 years by sharing the latest technology trends for Realtors®.
  • Voice Marketing Strategist and Developer for The Canadian Real Estate Association creating voice marketing apps on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Facilitated strategic planning, tactical implementation, and member communication strategies for NAR, state associations and mega boards across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Prevented Florida Realtors® from losing $1.4 million dollars by not entering the pre-license business with input from their membership workgroup. It took us 2 hours to make a decision what had taken them two years to figure out on their own.
  • Restructured the Wyoming Association of Realtors® governance from 28 to 6 executive committee, 58 to 28 board of directors, implemented better decision-making process, and integration of new technology in 4 months in which freed up 15% of their annual budget to reinvest back in member services. For some associations this process takes two years.
  • Consulted with the Houston Association of Realtors® where we launched HARTV YouTube channel which now has over 2,000 subscribers, 400k viewers, decrease operational costs by 30k and improved team productivity by 10 time, and earned non-dues revenue by licensing videos to NAR. We also launched as the main hub for membership news, Facebook campaigns, shared Slideshare, Twitter, and livestream channel for
  • Consulted Florida Realtors® 2013-14 and Texas Realtors® 2015 Global Alliance committees the years they each won the Platinum Award Global Achievement from NAR.
  • Featured in numerous media outlets including: St. Louis Business Journal, REALTOR® Magazine, REALTOR® Magazine Online, Real Trends, Inman News, Broker Agent News, and many local/state REALTOR® Association publications.
  • Conducted “Train the Trainer” sessions for the National Association of Realtors® instructors, Real Estate Educators Association, National Speakers Association national/regional meetings.

Since no two projects have been the same, you

Here is what makes make consulting practice standout over others you are already working with and considering a change:

  • My fees are based upon the project, not by the hour. This way you can budget appropriately and never have to wonder how much it is going to cost to have a conversation or get extra work done to succeed.
  • You don’t have to worry about me having political interests or violating a conflict of interest policy.
  • We convert big plans into mobile project management systems so you can begin implementing faster with your team internally.
  • I don’t have to physically be there to work with your group. Only in mandatory situations where my physical presence is required will I suggest I be there to work with your group in person.
  • I only take on a few consulting clients per year so I can give them the personal attention they need with 24 hour response time on all communications guaranteed.
  • I have customer testimonials from organizations and individuals you already know. Please ask me for a list of references and I can give you specific examples of the success we have had since no two projects are alike.

Let’s schedule a time or call me at 314.582.8808 to talk about your strategic plan, objectives, and how I can help you move closer towards your goals.


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