Thank you for your interest. I check email frequently, answer the phone, and have automated systems to help you receive the information you are looking for right now.

Call Me on the Phone

Call me at 314.582.8808. You can be routed directly to me, voicemail to leave a quick message, receive direct links by text message to your mobile phone, or subscribe to my email newsletter. Just say the phrase or choose one of the prompts.

  • Speak to me directly from anywhere. Voicemails are transcribed.
  • Book an appointment (mobile phones only).
  • Watch presentations (mobile phones only).
  • Alexa (mobile phones only).
  • Social media (mobile phones only).
  • Podcast (mobile phones only).

Send Me a Text Message

Send me a text message at 314.542.8808 for an automated reply with answers to frequently asked questions. Currently, this number does not communicate directly with however I am working on building a web-based application that will handle multiple messages from contacts.

Meet Me Right Now

Click here and I will receive an email notification that you wish to join a Zoom meeting right now. To secure my availability at a set time, please schedule a meeting here.

Connect on Linkedin

I am most active on my Linkedin profile. I post my ideas and add commentary regularly. You can dig up content from Screen to Screen Selling using the hashtag #screentoscreen

Like and subscribe to notifications on Public Facebook Page

I’ve been posting on the Doug Devitre, Certified Speaking Professional Facebook page for over 10 years. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications when we go live so ask get your personal questions answered fast. Here you can watch some past Facebook Live videos and past posts using the #screentoscreen hashtag.

Talk on Twitter

At @dougdevitre I mainly post new ideas from my blog, podcast or whatever comes to mind and join the virtual selling conversation by using the hashtag #screentoscreen.

Schedule a Meeting

You can schedule a Zoom meeting with me using my online calendar. There are options to select which type of meeting based upon frequent requests to help save you more time.

Request by Email

Basic question by email doug at doug devitre dot com or using this form below. Have a nice day!

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