Websites and blogs allow you to embed multimedia, widgets, and other portals of content. This is an easy process if you know how to copy and paste. A requirement to embed HTML source code is to know which sites you will have access to embed this code.

Most blogging software gives you the ability to embed HTML source code but some websites that are hosted by 3rd parties and do not allow you to make changes will require extra steps and sometimes more money. Ask your website provider if you have the ability to add HTML source code. If they do not let you, then you will have to email them the HTML source code in order to take advantage of embedding videos, multimedia and other dynamic content.

We will assume that you have the capability embed HTML source code yourself and explain how.

Here are some shortcuts that will help you embedding multimedia into your blog and website.

  • Press CTRL + A = Select All. When a mouse is clicked within a text box you can highlight and select all of the text by pressing CTRL + A
  • Press CTRL + C = Copy. When text is highlighted and selected press CTRL + C and the computer will copy the text to the clipboard which can easily be pasted in another area.
  • Press CTRL + X = Cut. When text is highlighted and selected press CTRL + X to cut the information off of the page which also copies the text to the clipboard.
  • Press CTRL + V = Paste. When text is copied to the clipboard find an open text window and press CTRL + V to paste text in the space.
  • Press CTRL + K = Create a hyperlink. This does not let you embed code but it is an important shortcut in email, website, and blog marketing. If text is selected or highlighted then press CTRL + K and a window will pop open that will ask you to insert a hyperlink from a website. Find the website from your internet browser, click on the website text window, Press CTRL + A, CTRL + C, then go back to the open window that asks for the hyperlink, click inside the window, and press CTR + V to paste the link.

These shortcuts will save you an enormous amount of time in the future since they are available on most computer software programs and easy to use.

In order to add videos, widgets, and other multimedia to your blog or website it is important to know which sites you should copy HTML source code from and which sites to paste HTML source code.


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