Weave webs of communication
Weave webs of communication

Websites do not require a web developer to make changes anymore.  Google Docs allows you to create websites for FREE!  What type of websites can you create?  Let your mind wander.  Anything you create in Microsoft Office you can upload to a website using Google Docs.  All files must be saved as a 97-2003 document and meet the size requirements for each file type.

Here are 25 types.  Choose one at least:

  1. New listing flyers
  2. Marketing plan
  3. Rent vs. Own spreadsheet
  4. Postcards
  5. Listing presentation
  6. Financing alternatives
  7. Prospecting sheet
  8. Phone duty schedule
  9. Print advertising proof
  10. Buyer rep presentation
  11. Listing agreement
  12. Broker dislcosure form
  13. Seller closing costs
  14. Business cards
  15. Open house flyers
  16. Mortgage accelerator
  17. Staging tips
  18. Relocation guides
  19. Investment presentation
  20. Budget
  21. Letters to clients
  22. Listing reports
  23. Address labels
  24. Closing paperwork
  25. Calendar of marketing activities


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